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    I'm trying to change the starter Pokemon in CrystalDust using the Universal Pokemon Randomizer. I select Psyduck, Mantine, and Mantine, and save to a new rom file. But when I play the new rom, it still presents the starter Pokemon from CrystalDust, not the ones I chose.

    What's wrong?


    Are Mew and/or MewTwo catchable in Pokemon CrystalDust like in Emerald?

    If not, is there a reliable Emerald code that spawns a random Mew?

    Can we get a definitive list of catchable Pokemon and compatible movesets for Pokemon CrystalDust?

    It's unclear whether Mew and/or MewTwo are obtainable in CrystalDust.

    It's also unclear whether movesets are closer to Gen II, where very few Pokemon can learn specific HMs, or closer to Gen III, where most Pokemon can learn many HMs.

    Could we clear up some of the differences between CrystalDust, the official Crystal, the official Emerald, and the official HeartGold?
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