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    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Towards the schoolgrounds

    "What's happening?" Ryuu took a look outside when he saw a group students gathering. "Let me guess… the Lycan boy…" He sighed as he stood up and reached to a pot with asperins. "He'll get a warning this time…" Ryuu said to himself and left his classroom. It was a long way to the schoolgrounds and once he showed his face outside a lot of students left immediately.

    "Solo, cut out this crap." Ryuu said as he made his way to the open space where Solo and the werewolf were. "Seriously, you are not even one hour on the Academy and you got into a fight already?" Ryuu trew the asperin at Solo and walked away. "This time you get off with a warning." Ryuu said and waved cool, probably pissing him off but Ryuu didn't care.

    He went back to his classroom and sat back on his chair. "Seriously…"

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