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    Torgaz Zheik and Everyn Umbran
    Hyrule Field - Lon Lon Ranch; Lake Hylia


    There were times when he wondered why he still did this. Sure, the pay was often good, and it was certainly better than sitting around, not to mention the things he sometimes found on the monsters that often tried to jump him and the person, or people, he was escorting. Then again, there was the constant issue of monsters and the idea that, one of these days, he might come up against a group of Goblins or some such things too large to fight and, in some cases, too fast to outrun. Oh, and the fact that, every now and then, the person he was escorting would try to get away without paying him. Seriously, when would they learn?

    Torgaz cocked an eye up at the setting sun. "About an hour before night monsters come out," the Rito noted, turning his head to glance at the Hylian, a young man that seemed too scrawny to be eating well. "It'll take half that long to get to the ranch." The Hylian said nothing, preoccupied with something on his mind. Torgaz turned his eyes back to the fields around them, seeing no apparent danger. For the time being. This was turning out to be one of his uneventful days, though night was creeping closer. This time, Everyn wasn't around, since the Twili had muttered something about something he had to check up on. He had disappeared soon after Torgaz had left another person - a Hylian or Twili, he wasn't sure which - at the abandoned laboratory by Lake Hylia.

    Torgaz shook his head, thoughts returning to the here and now. "Pick up your feet, 'fore night comes," he said abruptly, walking faster and forcing the young Hylian to catch up and keep pace. An uneventful yet somewhat odd day. He had a wandering thought about what this Hylian might want at Lon Lon Ranch, though the young man had mumbled something like, "I want to have a look at them horses."

    True to his word, roughly a half-hour was left before night monsters would come out, when Torgaz and the Hylian arrived at the ranch's entrance. As they approached the buildings, the Rito halted and turned to the young man. "Half a day's walk," he stated, "and no monsters for once. Thirty rupees." No doubt the Hylian would protest the price, perhaps saying something about needing the money for food.

    To his mild surprise, the young man mutely pulled out a red and two blues, handing them to Torgaz. The Rito raised an eyebrow, his hand moving back to drop the rupees in the delivery bag on his back. Looking back up, he noticed the Hylian's attention following his hand. "Are you going to want an escort back when you're done here?" Torgaz asked, folding his arms.

    "Nah, I won't need that," the Hylian answered quietly, staying where he was, back to one of the buildings.

    Torgaz shrugged, turning to walk toward one of the doors. Well, he needed a night's rest, and it didn't matter to him whether he slept here or in Hyrule Town, this time anyways. Torgaz would need the ranch owner's permission, of course. He hadn't stopped here enough times to know for sure whether he would need to pay or help out for a day or some such thing. The Rito knocked on the door, then turned back to look at the Hylian. Or, rather, the place where he used to be. Torgaz frowned, looking around from where he stood, but he didn't see the young man anywhere. That's trouble, that is. If Everyn was there, he would have followed the Hylian.


    At the moment, Everyn was bent more on learning more about this odd man who had, so far as he'd seen, not left the abandoned laboratory. It was earlier the same day that Torgaz had escorted the odd man, whom Everyn suspected might be connected to Twili in some way, to Lake Hylia. The man had been all dressed up in robes, hiding most of his features. Yet there had been a vague sense of...magic, that Everyn had picked up on. It had to be powerful, or special, since he usually didn't sense the magic in others. Everyn wondered why Torgaz continued to do his job without asking more questions and trying to learn more about the people he traveled with. Did the Rito only care about others' lives and dishonesty, which he'd complained about a few times, when it affected him?

    Everyn sighed, shifting his legs a little. He was lying on top of the laboratory, assuming shadow form as he waited for the sun to set, watching for any sign that the door below him would open. His staff was beside the Twili, one hand casually holding it. "This is gettin' boring," Everyn muttered, looking up and across the lake. There was one boat he saw at once, with someone sitting up in it. It looked as if he, or she, was pulling in a large fish. "Eh, there's somethin' I might do."

    Everyn's grip on his staff tightened slightly as he lifted himself into the air, flowing down the shadowed side of the laboratory and landing on the edge between land and lake. When was the last time he'd done something with a fisherman, or his pole? Everyn glanced down at the ground, spying a discarded boot a few feet to the left. It wasn't often that he found a discard by the lake. He grinned, already thinking of something he could do.

    Everyn grabbed the boot with his free hand, then floated back up to the laboratory's roof, leaving his staff next to the tower. He then pivoted and dived down into the water and swam a little deeper, then toward the boat he'd seen. As Everyn resurfaced quietly, about halfway out to the boat, he noticed that the sitting figure was, in fact, a Zora. I'd have to get out of the water if he came after me, Everyn thought, diving under again. It took a few moments to locate one of the fishing lines. He hooked the boot on it and gave a good tug, ready to let go once the fisherman began reeling.