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Originally Posted by CarcharOdin View Post
You know, I'm just going to throw this out there, but it pisses me off when both sides (especially the anti-gun side) uses the whole "the founding fathers were/weren't envisioning [insert modern weapon] here."

Who the bloody hell knows what the founded fathers were envisioning or intending?

Fun fact: You weren't alive in the 1700's. None of us here were. What the heck do you know about what they were thinking or what they would be thinking?
It matters because the Amendment was written during a time when the current technology is lightyears beyond anything in their wildest dreams. So a document for 1789 could not have been written that accounted for that kind of wholesale destruction. Applying modern interpretations to a 230ish year old piece of paper doesn't transfer & jive well. Hence the need for loose constructionalism.
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