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    Elene Merlin
    General School Grounds
    Wandering the grounds of the Academy was nothing particularly new; nothing she hadn't seen before, or memorized from the gifted maps, so she let her legs carry her through whatever destination her mental random route generator could come up with. The pool was something she would avoid like the touch of death itself, that was a given, though the forest would likely make good scenery for later expeditions; more serenity than whoever was shacking up in her bedroom would leave her with. As long as it wasn't some maladjusted plebeian that would touch her violin. Greater people had died that way.

    Her silent uttering of vengeance were momentarily broken as she saw a male student approaching her, a bit rough around the edges and with drab white hair to boot; unlike her gloriously full and bouncy silver locks that were currently restrained. His posture was slightly awkward, leaving him unable to make good use of his apparent natural height and giving her perfect posture quite the mien of dominance over the conversation. That was how she imagined it would look, at least, though one of her luxurious outfits would have amplified the effect greatly. Oh, to be able to play before a crowd again.

    The arched eyebrow could not have reached higher on her forehead, as the fellow apologized and said he didn't know how to converse. "Good gracious! Were you raised by wolves?" She asked, incredulous and unthinking about Frio's potential feelings as she did so. "It's a good thing you're attending this school, so you can learn some proper manners. As such, I will introduce myself. My name is Marilyn Elene of the family Merlin; you respond in kind by telling me your name." She greeted, a brief curtsey as she gave the stranger impromptu lessons in etiquette.
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