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    Welcome to the One Piec fan club, jgalvan.

    Hmm, I need to go watch the latest episode of One Piece later tonight.

    Manga 695
    This was a pretty good chapter!
    We got to see new attacks from Franky, Nami and Usopp.
    All of which I really liked, especially Nami's ability to control the direction of the lightning.

    I loved the joke that most all of the men were impressed by the Franky Shogun, but non of the girls were. XD

    Who is that guy standing behind Law and Smoker?
    He looks like of like Caesar, but he's probably from G-5.
    He also looks a bit like Kinemon...

    Ah ha, that's why Usopp was looking for Sea-Prism Stone handcuffs. :p

    And at the end of the chapter, a tease with a mysterious silhouette.