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Originally Posted by RedWing View Post
While I'm both a lover of Harvest Moon and Pokemon, the idea of ending up with a spouse seems severely out of place. Think about it, time doesn't progress in Pokemon in the same fashion as Harvest Moon. People never age, regardless of whether or not you made certain decisions, unlike Harvest Moon. And, since you're suppose to be roughly 16 (Given we're sticking with the Black & White ages), the idea of marriage and having children not only seems a tad out there, but it would essentially take away from the principle of the game: To travel, collect Pokemon and battle. It seems a tad irresponsible to continue to do so when you have a spouse and a child o_O
Wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, I wasn't talking about being married when you're like 10+. @___@ Obviously that would be like, the very end of a game, sort of thing!

The idea of being married as a possible child / teen during your adventures is silly! I'm not suggesting that marriage should be implemented during game play; it can be nice at the end of the game at like, the credits or something, but, yeah.

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