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    I see why you wont remove the HM moves, seeing as though you are using this ingame. I always tend to find one pokemon that can learn 4 HMs as a HM bank to free up my other pokemon. Too each his own.

    Moves look decent (with exception of HMs) and pokemon are diverse to a degree. Be sure to keep STABs in mind when picking moves, as well as your pokemon's strengths (attack vs SpAttack). One, say, lvl52 Garchomp could give you some issues, but you should be fine. By the time you reach the E4+1, have all your pokemon at lvl60 at least, for the sake of ease.

    Seaside cave is a good place to train if the levels are low 40s (dont quite remember). Explore all available adjacent routes to their fullest (you'll likely encounter some form of blockade) and battle every trainer. Once that is done, the only other thing to do besides advancing the storyline is the grueling, non-competitive wildpokemon battles. Set lvl goals. Focus the attention, I would say, on your Zoroark, Serperior, and Vibrava (if i had to pick the top 3).

    Other than that, Good Luck.

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