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    Kakusu Mabayui Tengoku
    Path To Boy's Dorm
    Behind Kakusu he heard a commotion consisting of yelling and excited voices, then not so much after, a gargantuan thud reached Kakusu's ears, to Kakusu's displeasure. He didn't even bother to look back at whatever was the cause as it was probably something foolish that a hot-headed student had done. A look of disgust formed on Kakusu's face for a moment before he returned to his previous expression, a frown and dreary looking eyes. He disliked this sort of thing and it was obviously unnecessary

    Kakusu returned his attention back to the Dorm and hastily walked towards the door, reaching for the knob before a small flame manifested in the center of the door. Kakusu sighed and blew at the flame, extinguishing it with ease. He looked behind him to see if anyone noticed it and then continued into the dorms. As he looked around inside, checking for any unwanted company, Kakusu remembered that most of the student population was likely still gathered around the stage. He scanned the building, following his instincts that successfully led him to. He took note of the room location and number before opening the door, noticing that the room was devoid of any life other than himself. He knew that he had a roommate, as he was told so by some teacher who's name escaped him, but apparently his roommate was out.

    "Hopefully not the cause of that ruckus I hope" Kakusu muttered before sitting in the window on the other side of the room, on the front of the building. He sat with one leg hanging out the window and the other at rest on the windowsill, leaning his back against the wall. As he got situated, he gazed out on the campus, he began to spit small embers straight below, near the entrance to the building.

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