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    Originally Posted by jstolze View Post
    Hey, I have a few questions for this hack, here goes:
    1. Are the moves Cut and Strength still normal type? If so, are you planning on changing them to another type to make them at least somewhat more useful?
    2. Are most Pokemon/Fakemon obtainable in this hack?
    3. I haven't played the demo, so should I, or should I wait until the full game is released, I ask since I don't want to start over if I get a good team or something. Or is the Demo save transferable to the final version?
    1. No

    2. Uhhhh, I guess?

    3. Demo progress can be transferred to the full game. Although some parts in the full game are different from what used to be in the demo so it may be better to wait. It's up to you.

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