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Gen 1:
Charmander Line- My first starter, my oldest and closest friend. We shared some of the best times of my youth.

Magikarp Line- He's weak, useless and dies very easily, but I swear, when he evolves, he's going to kill you all!!!!!

Arcanine- Before Serperior, he was the original King of Cool.

Electabuzz- Coolest Electric Type EVER!!!!

Lapras- There's a certain mystique about her that's just so damn intriguing.

Scyther- Back then, the only Bug type I would go through the trouble of owning.

Mewtwo: The most powerful Pokemon of Gen 1.

Gen 2:
Totodial Line: I had an obsession with the Crocodial Hunter back then.

Tyranitar: My favorite pseudo- legendary to date.

Heracross- After Scyther, I've never been more proud to own a Bug type.

Legendary Beasts: Raikou, Suicune, Entei. Need I say more?

I've never really hated a Pokemon from either of these Generations........well..........maybe Miltank. Specifically Whitney's Miltank. I won't lie, that thing almost made me quit Pokemon.

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