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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    I compiled your script and it works beautifully without sprite 0xA. It also works great when sprite 0xA isn't hidden. However, as soon as I hide it, and it comes into view, the game crashes. In fact, any hidden sprite on screen in Viridian City causes the game to crash. Why? I have no clue! I will keep looking into this.

    Edit: This happens in more places than Viridian City... Could the hidden option be corrupt??

    Edit2: Confirmed. This happens everywhere with hidden option number 1, the other two hidden options on the movement list work and don't crash the game, however, they refuse to obey the showsprite command or the raw show command used with an applymovement.

    Edit3: haha, I made it work. Okay, you need to use the 3rd Hidden option in the list and type 4B in the movement box below. Now, remove the showsprite command from your script and instead add "#raw 0x61" to the top of the movement @whoops. This is the show command foe FireRed. (I was using Ruby commands for edit 2, wrong list)

    A couple of notes. A green s-tile script will not run on entering the map. You are going to have to turn this into a level script somehow if you want it to happen when leaving the pokecenter. Also, if you don't open the door for sprite 0xA, it's going to be weird. I have some ideas on how to do both, so if you can't figure it out, pm me.
    Sir, I officially love you. Thank you so much for helping me fix my script. You are the greatest.
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