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    Fangirls: *outside the window of the classroom, staring in*

    Solo: "Oh good lord..."

    Teacher: "Is something wrong?"

    Solo: *points a thumb toward the window* "Them."

    Fangirls: *muffled* "HE NOTICED US!!" *squeals and fainting*

    Solo: "Please, close the blinds."

    Teacher: "Are they... Okay? Do they need medical attention?"

    Solo: "Yeah, I'll say. Don't worry, this happens all of the time."

    Teacher: "... Right... So, as I was saying, the answer wa--"

    Solo: "I have a question."

    Teacher: "What is it this time."

    Solo: "Are the doors locked?"

    Teacher: "What does that have to do with--"

    *muffled screams and pounding on the door*

    Frio: *speaking from experience, as a roommate* "Lock it lock it LOCK IT!!"
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