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    A thread made me think of this today. What if your character aged as your story progressed? I'm not sure how it would be implemented exactly, but maybe that can be the discution of this thread?

    I was thinking that, instead of getting your pokemon as an extremely sheltered 10-15 year old whose never left his/her house for fear of going in the tall grass lol you get your pokemon at a young age, and have to play through a sequence where your parents teach you all about pokemon.
    Maybe you live on a farm or something and at the end of the scene (When your character is around 5-6, you end up wandering off on your own with your starter and end up getting lost, or attacked by wild pokemon, and have a "close call" or what have you. After you find your way home and have your "mini adventure" you would go out on your standard romp taking on all the gyms and such.

    Latter on, if they wanted to continue with this feature, instead of having a second region to continue the game after the league (Beating the league at the standard 10-15ish), you could have a sequence that skips along a few years, in the same region with slight differences, where the story is continued for a time

    I don't know, just putting ideas down. What do you think, and how would you do it?
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