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    Tobi Lomborte
    The Sun

    As alarm struck the ballroom, Tobi immediately took action in assisting the crowd to stay calm and orderly exit the mansion. Not an easy task at all, as the citizens were absolutely panic-striken. As the building became clear of people excluding the guards and remaining Family memebers, Tobi immediately blazed upstairs to his room.

    "Sir, where are you going?!?" Bellowed a guard.

    "To get something!", Tobi shot back, not looing back as he barged into his own room and franticly scanned the area until he found a large furball huddled into a corner. Simon, his cat was tense with all of the chaos going dowstains. Tobi then swifty scoops Simon up in a large cloth bag, slings it around his shoulder, and shoots downstairs with extreeme haste. As he was coming down he saw the de Telarius siblings dash out of the building. He reunites with the guard as the both exit the mansion only to witness a scene of total carnage. The both of them simutaniously drew their swords.

    The Knight looked around to find some clarity of the raging scene around them. "We have to assist the civilians in reaching the life boats! I suggest we locate the other family memebers."

    "Yes I know!..We've got to go somewhere first." Withought another word he dashed of the eastern district and the Knight had no choice but to follow. Upon reaching a certain house, Tobi's heart was sent racing. It was burnt and smashed to the ground. "Nggh.....", Tobi clenched his fist. (No!!) Then he imediately bolted to the docks and scanned the passangers already leaving to see if who he was looking for already escaped. Then Tobi's eyes locked with a boat just starting to depart from the port. His old foster parents were on that boat. Without hesitation he leaped in front of the slowly departing vessle and called out to them.

    "Tobi!" They both called out as they shoved their way to the edge of the boat.

    Julia(foster mother) almost in tears, opend her mout to speek, but Tobi cut her off. Tobi needed to be quick as the boat would soon drift out of reach. "Take this!" He handed her the sac containing a wide eyed Simon. "Take good care of him."

    Kert(foster father) was next to spak, rather franticly. "Y-Youre coming too right?? You've got to!"

    Tobi gave him a weak smile. "I need to stay and help everyone. Please keep eachother safe. I'll make it back, I promise." As the boat started to set sail for the sea at full throtle away from the port, Tobi waved then dashed back torwards the main streets, determined to help end this madness.
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