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Hey guys I'd just like to say some things about recent post as the GM.

Firstly: Can you PLEASE stay in one tense in the post and not jump between them? For example don't start your post in past tense then change it halfway through to present and back again to past. Doing that just makes it hard to read.

Secondly: Make sure you keep continuity in your post. If you mentioned that your character has hurt themselves, make sure that fact remains until it has a chance to heal or is healed. Lets say your character has hurt their hand, don't completely forget about that in your next posts.

Thirdly: You really need to watch your grammar and spelling, I've seen several mistakes in just one sentence alone, you really need to up your post quality a bit because that's just not acceptable in my eyes. I suggest reading over what you write before posting it, or having someone else read it for you. If this doesn't improve drastically over the next few posts, your character WILL be killed off.

@Khawill, you can not change sectors though there really isn't a point in the sectors anymore considering what has just happened.
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