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    So... after around a millionth try of procastinating I picked up my Black run and steeled my nerves to the challenge of Alder. Also while I was supposed to be actually listening something about pdf file checking. Oh well...
    (Yes, I play a lot of these during classes, because backrow seat + headphones. And there's a small group of people who seem to be illiterate to html and css and they take all the attention... yay...)

    Anyhow. As I'm sort of incapable of posting a picture of the Hall of Fame (I forgot the charger cable), I'll try to describe what happens.
    Game on.

    First up Marshal. Because he's been giving me some trouble with all that speed...
    • Macha took out Breloom and Sawk with Acrobatics and proceeded to be the set-up annoyance for the rest. Defenses, what are those...
    • Maria switched in for the sweeping then and...
    • I proceeded to flip a few desks with Stone Edges having basically 100% hit chance... wat...
    • Well, after a few rounds of whack-a-mole, I came out victorious. Status effects were all over the place in my behalf.

    Heal and Revives. Thankfully I'm never doing a Nuzlocke...

    Next up hmm... I'll go with Caitlin.
    • Hypnosis. Stahp. Being. so. Accurate. PLS
    • Anyway... My Bisharp wrecked most of the pokemon, but then came Metagross along.
    • Good thing I put Flamethrower on Nigel. 8D *so-trying-not-to-trollface-during-class*

    Well this was... much less painful than Marshal. Mostly because Caitlin's pokemon decided to just turtle half the time.
    On third... I shall challenge Shauntal.
    • Oh you guys... Pursuits. Night Slashes. You're making this way too easy...
    • No. NO. Go away with that Flame Body. No. O_O
    • *screeches mentally*
    • ....Surf's up! *watches Chandelure and Golurk being washed up by the tidal waves*

    I'd flip many desks, but I was expecting most of that.
    • Right. Time to take out Grimsley. He's so fab...
    • Lead with Macha to be a complete ass to him with Stun Spore.
    • Sharpedo, Liepard, Krookodile and Drapion were taken out by Havina, who then fell to Bisharp's Guillotine. ;_;
    • But my Bisharp was faster with that Brick Break of his. o-o
    • And well Scrafty... It tried to Hi Jump Kick me and missed... and... yeah...

    Okay. Time for serious.
    Alder. This level jump. What. I never understood it when I first played White.
    Okay. Deep Breath... aka coffee break.
    • Accelgor attempted to give me some trouble with it's speed, but Nigel burnt it to crisp...
    • ...along with it's relative Escavalier a few switches later.
    • This Bouffalant. What. Accurancy of Stone Edge feels so hacked. O_O Thank god I switched out early on to Bisharp.
    • Sif cooled off Volcarona while it was setting itself up for a sweep.
    • Vanilluxe was taken out by Bisharp's Brick Break.
    • That Druddigon. All the unfairness in the world. Though Havina didn't even flinch. She gave no buts and proceeded to Ice Punch the dragon off the planet...
    • also while being healed up every other turn almost. xD

    Yaaay! Well half of that Alder fight... and Shauntal... and Marshal was pure luck. I just... I'll go make an offering to the RNG gods again.

    Final Team:

    Maria / Fearow | level 78 | Scope Lens
    Pursuit / Drill Peck / Aerial Ace / Roost

    Macha / Jumpluff | level 76 |
    Stun Spore / Acrobatics / Giga Drain / U-turn

    * Main story MVP*
    Havina / Abomasnow | level 77 | NeverMeltIce
    Wood Hammer / Ice Punch / Earthquake / Return

    *Post Story MVP*
    Sif / Walrein | level 77 | Mystic Water
    Surf / Ice Beam / Rock Slide / Crunch

    *Main story E4 + Ghetsis MVP*
    Nigel / Chandelure | level 77 | Expert Belt
    Flamethrower / Shadow Ball / Energy Ball / Psychic

    *Post Story E4 MVP*
    Bisharp | level 78 | BlackGlasses
    Night Slash / Brick Break / X-scissor / Iron Head

    I guess that about covers it. I caught Reshiram during the story and boxed it, since it's possible.
    Caught Kyurem with a Quick Ball... which was again disappointing.
    Chased around for ummm Tornadus I think... but I gave up on that quickly. Have a few of them already.
    I challenged Morimoto once during training for try out.
    And spent a small vacation in Icy Chasm... All them dittos. Go away ditto... no...