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    Chapter 1: The Storm

    It was a quiet day on the shore of Destiny Islands. The waves were gently crashing by the feet of three friends whose lives were about to change. The tallest males name was Caius Amadeus Guardianhart. Caius had dark black hair and electric purple eyes. He was wearing a blue shirt with a black and blue hood with weird markings and a pair of pure black pants. The female next to him was the shortest of them all and her name is Silvia Willow. Silvia has long silver/blonde hair with violent eyes;wears a grey/blue jacket with leather shoulder pads(color:jet black). A blue-red-purple-plaid skirt with striped black and grey leggings. A pale blue under skirt with a black heart on it. She has a heart looking tattoo on her left hand, and white lacy boots. The medium sized male was named Zachary Lokai. He had dark green eyes and light brown hair. He wore a pair of black Jeans, he had a black and white shirt that says LWWY on it in big bold letters across the shirt. He usually has a hat that covers his unusually messy hair that was mainly curly.

    I looked at my two friends and smiled at them. Silvia smiled back at me and then looked around towards the rest of the inhabitants of the islands. I saw that it was suddenly getting darker and I looked towards my house.

    "You two wanna stay at my house for tonight?" I asked and Caius nodded and so did Silvia. Come to think of it nobody ever heard Silvia talk she always communicated with us by her actions and not her words which was awesome. Caius laughed lightly when he noticed that I was kinda starting at Silvia.

    "Bro you're staring again. Anyways wanna see if Tidus, Wakka and Selphie wanna get into a fight today?" Caius asked and I nodded before Silvia tossed me my wooden sword. I missed it terribly and went too retrieve it in the sand. As I picked it up I saw a male in a huge cloak pass right through me. I gasped and fell to my knee and started breathing heavily and ended up passing out. Caius and Silvia ran towards me and helped me get to my house but once they got there they heard my parents screaming. Caius nodded at Silvia and ran towards my parents and saw a couple of black creatures with little yellow eyes. Caius readied his wooden sword and slashed at the creatures but for some weird reason the attack went right through the creatures who slashed at him and knocked him through a wall and near Silvia. Silvia had to make a choice it was either try to help her friends or run out the door and try to escape. She slashed at the creatures with her wooden sword and the attacks went through the creatures again and they charged at her but she swiftly jumped up into the air avoiding the attack and her wooden sword suddenly started to glow and it transformed into a blade that was shaped like a Silverish key. She swung at the black creatures that had the yellowish eyes and they instantly perished. She slowly slapped me and Caius multiple times in the face softly before we woke up. We all ran towards the exit if my house and looked outside and saw a huge storm had formed outside. My eyes widened and I saw a bunch of those creatures with yellow eyes charge towards us. Caius's and my wooden swords started glowing and we each got a Silverish Keyblade. The three of us easily dispatched of the creatures in front of us and to the left I saw the male from earlier who had a cloak on that covered most of his body. A large scythe appeared into his hands and he charged at the three of us and slashed with the intent to kill us. We quickly dodged and looked at the male with the cloak and we charged at him but we were knocked backwards by a couple of creatures with zippers over their mouths. I regained my balance midair and grabbed Caius by his arm and threw him towards the male in the cloak and Caius slashed at his chest and managed to knock him backwards as Sylvia and I were slashing the creatures with the zippers over their mouths until they were gone. I passed out and a couple of the creatures with the yellow eyes sucked me into the darkness. Caius was still fighting the male with the cloak and accidentally turned his back when he heard me scream out for someone to help me. The male in the cloak gave Caius a chop to the back of the neck and knocked him out. The male grabbed Caius and dragged him into a dark portal.

    "Finish her off" The male ordered the creatures and they instantly obeyed and charged at Silvia. She would've been a goner if a familiar female with red hair and a male with silver hair who wore a blindfold hadn't appeared and slashed the creatures with their blades. They grabbed Silvia and brought her through a white portal towards a huge castle. (Disney Castle)
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