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Being different doesn't have to be a bad thing. I'm sure they've accepted and adjusted to their circumstances by now, and I highly doubt this child questions her being to that extent. Even if she did, it's what she knows. It's who she is- like people who are blind, or orphaned, or with tourettes syndrome, what have you- and if she is to be made "normal" by doctors she will have contributed a ton to science. I think she is very special, and I have no doubt their family is very proud and opimistic. They have to be. Related articles give evidence that the family shows nothing but love for their child/sister and describe her as very happy, as I stated in my previous post. (Excuse my passion. I'm in rillo heaven.)
I know that, I was just trying to think of how I'd feel if I got stuck at that age, haha. It is a unique case though, really. In a way, I think it'd be nice to just stay five. I often find myself wondering why adulthood tends to be so needlessly complicated, so I guess she's lucky in that sense. Dunno if she feels that way, but still, it seems like it'd be...stress free, you know?

Great, now I feel like I'm floating on a cloud, haha. Once I put away the thought of needing to drive, being able to drink, all those things that come along with aging, you know, not being able to do any of those things was never that bad for me. Took me a long time to even get my license, because I had no interest. I don't have a big interest in alcohol, no interest in cigarettes or tobacco products. It's like...idk. They don't seem as important when compared to the more stress free life a child lives.

Still on my cloud for now, lol.

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