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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    Yeah, no need for a new Nuzlocke race thread. If you can get someone to race you that starts at the same time as you, then I say go for it and just keep it in the Nuzlocke thread. Plus you just got permission from the member running it!

    Also, you guys are my favorite members. After getting a rude thread about me in CQ&F today (and not even being online to defend myself and it's locked now), I was pretty pissed off and thought "why the hell am I even still here?" but you guys are wonderful and the challenge forum in general makes me totally happy. So thanks for being sane, nice, wonderful Swablu bbys! <3
    Someone was rude to Syddy? Tell me who, I'll beat them up.

    I don't have any idea why anyone would ever be mean to you... You are literally the most helpful/awesomest/nicest/best mod I have ever seen. I CHALLENGE* another mod to be better than you.

    * This post is now more on topic than the last few >.<