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    Originally Posted by h0tshot1025 View Post
    Why did I see this thread just now @[email protected]
    Been around this forums for a long time lol.

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    Sin Tax Bill would be great.
    Let's just hope it really lessens smokers and drinkers. Well, with such a high price, they would probably think twice about this stuff and prioritize necessities instead.

    You're accepted in teh clab... xD

    Yes, indeed but nowadays I see more people using E-cigarettes.

    Originally Posted by gunnerpow7 View Post
    It's high time that I should join this club...

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    And a new topic...

    What are your thoughts on the 2013 Elections?
    Cool, You're in 3rd Year as well. You're accepted...

    My thoughts about it is there will still be cheating around the elections even with the help of the machine that counts votes... (I forgot it's name)

    And they will make their own rackets for them to be more popular around whether it's on TV, Programs, Projects, and Donations.