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I actually love Rotation and Triple Battles a lot, mainly cos it added new strategies to the 5th Generation battling system.

Rotations are always fun cos you never know when your opponent is planning to rotate into a weakness, a resistance or even a surprise set-up. I do them in the Pokemon World Tournament in Black 2 a lot. Maybe this was why I picked Black and Black 2 over their counterparts lol :D

Triple Battles brought new strategies that I really loved. My main trick is ganging up on one foe, like basically beating up one opponent and then focus on another. Also, I like how the position matters where your attacks will land, and the fact most Flying-type attacks (and also Water Pulse/Dragon Pulse) can hit a Pokemon that would normally be out of reach should you be on the side.

Doubles are also a bit fun since I love the whole "ganging up on one opponent" strategy.
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