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Originally Posted by h0tshot1025 View Post
By any chance, could we do the trade on Friday night?
The WiFi connection in the place I am staying at is screwed up.
I'll be online on Friday at around 8 PM-ish. I am so sorry for delaying this.
I tried doing a WiFi trade in the WiFi Room but there's an error and I think it's connection-related xD
Its ok :D I'll just keep the poliwhirl for you :D
No rush no rush ~

Originally Posted by Birthday Thunder View Post
what do you want for the shiny gentle ditto? I have ALOT of shinies, all legit. I am a shiny hunter and use various methods to obtain my shiny pokemon. SRing, REing, MMing etc so just name it.
What do you want to offerme is your choice, im not picky ~
Any shiny will do :D

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