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    Hello~ I am h0tshot1025! You can call me Aetherion or Hotshot :D

    2 Partner Pokemon: Slowking and Politoed
    Why do you want to swim with us?: Ever since I first played Pokemon (Pokemon Red to be specific), I fell in love with water types. I've been using the water starters on every first playthrough of any game. My love for water types aren't restricted to Pokemon, I love water type moves too. The surfing theme is also one of my favorite game BGMs :D

    Answer Current topic: Say if you could turn into any water type pokemon. What would you be and do? Also, what would be your relationship with another member of the club as your respective water type pokemon?

    I would be a Slowking. I would travel around talking to Pokemon and exploring the natural world. And I am wearing a Shellder as a Crown. That's pretty cool xD
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