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If it had been a cartoon movie, the sound of Arakira's jaw hitting the floor would have been echoing throughout the large mansion. As it were, this was real life and not even a game controlled by aliens or anything like that. The only thing that happened was that Arakira's mouth formed a perfect 0 shape and stayed that way for an undefined number of moments. Then a gulping noise as she swallowed hard. Her eyes barely blinked as they were focused on the screen of the laptop which sat on the table before her. Her very own living room was airy and had a lot of space; a group of sofas and comfortable chairs stood in the middle around a low table; the walls were lined with bookshelves not only holding books but many other things; there were doors leading to her bedroom, to the main hall in the eastern wing of the manor where her home lay, and to the wide balcony. The balcony door was slightly opened now because even though it was winter, Arakira couldn't stand the thick indoor air for too long. She needed to feel a fresh breeze once in a while. Especially when she spent too much time absorbed in CLOUD.

The announcement had been nothing like she had expected. Most of all, she had one word on her mind as her fingers danced over the keyboard and steered the mouse with a relatively calm and controlled left hand: WHY? Her DAEMON did its best to stay out of fights at the back of the large arena for now, while Arakira tried to sort out her thoughts and figure out what she should really do.

When ICARUS disappeared, the white dragon met the gazes of the people sitting next to her. They all looked with flustered faces at one another, asking without words: would you kill me? Would you really? Just like that? Should I kill you first? As the invisible restrictions faded away and their bodies finally could move again, Ryuujinx at first didn't. Not the people around her either. They just kept staring.

"Hey," she began, thinking that she'd better talk before someone raised a fist out of fear. But then, screams from the other side of the arena had reached them and DAEMONS a few rows away began tearing each other apart as if there was no tomorrow.

The DAEMON right next to Ryuujinx gave up a shout too all of a sudden and threw itself straight at Ryuujinx who didn't even have time to cover. But the pig-like DAEMON tripped on its own snout before it reached her. A black dog on two legs and with strangely large, human breasts underneath her clothing had tripped the pig over. "Now, now," she said. "Why would you do that? What's the point?" She stepped on top of the pig's head and pressed down with her foot, making the other DAEMON squeal.

"Stop it!" Ryuujinx couldn't help herself from shouting out. Her words were as good as lost in the chaos around them thought, as people began running and almost climb on each other in order to get out. Away. Hide. The black dog heard her though, and gave her a sly stare from her purple eyes before she stepped back, leaving the pig be. A rush of DAEMONS between them obscured the dog from Ryuujinx' sight just then. She also believed that the pig DAEMON got crushed to extinction by the stampeding crowd, because she heard an incredibly loud squeal - and then nothing.

The dragon let herself get pulled along with the crowd, tried to stay clear of any violent people and reached the back of the arena, a solid wall with some pillars to hide behind. There, she jumped out from the crowd and decided to observe. She had to sort her thoughts out. Figure out what to do. This was madness. How could the creators of CLOUD ever think this was a good idea? Normal business - business that made the world go around these days - could not be kept up with the danger of people stealing important identities being this close. Just think of it. If important politicians had an account in CLOUD and their identity got stolen... or powerful business men... like...

Her family! Her father, sister, mother and cousins. Most likely, her father would be protected well by his numerous bodyguards within CLOUD. If they could find each other in all this... It wasn't that she was worried about him. But his identity, his wealth, everything he stood for. For her sister's sake.

"HARUHI!" Arakira called out, rushing out into the corridor. Wait. She couldn't leave her DAEMON idle. Quickly, she retrieved her laptop, letting it run on battery power, and got out into the hallway again at the exact same time as her sister came out of her own room.


"Are you alright? Where are you?" Arakira noticed that her sister was holding her smartphone in her hand as she ran. "Oh, no, that won't do." When they reached each other, Arakira put one hand on Haruhi's shoulder and carried the laptop in her other arm, almost cradled. She threw a glance at Ryuujinx, who was hidden behind a pillar - but for how long? - while she led the sister back to her own room.

"Start up your computer and use that instead," she said, positioning herself and her laptop in Haruhi's group of sofas which was similar to her own. "You need to be able to control your DAEMON well if you are to get out of this mess with your identity intact."

Haruhi didn't immediately respond, she just stared flatly at Arakira. The heart of the older sister skipped a beat.

"Did you... is Charcoat gone already?"

"No, I'm with a water golem who is protecting several of us smaller DAEMONS..."

Arakira sighed from relief. There were some people who still valued moral in life. That gave her some hope.

"But is all this true? Is it not just a joke?"

"It's not a joke," Arakira said and looked down on her screen, manuevering her DAEMON further away from the exit, close along the walls and pillars. She was not going to leave until she had found at least some of the people she knew and made sure they were safe. "We can't log out. You have to find me. I'm still in the arena too. Turn on your computer already!"

Haruhi finally obliged and within a minute her stationary PC had booted up on her desk, with CLOUD covering the screen. Arakira's eyes switched screens for a while to try and locate her sister's whereabouts. But the arena was round. It was difficult to know where one was in relation to another.

"Won't all the servants and... really... everyone! Won't everyone be absorbed in this game now? Because if they aren't, they might lose their job anyways? If someone comes and takes all their money on the bank or claims to be them?" Haruhi asked.

So true. Arakira thought of all the people who worked at their manor alone, and of every employee at Osumoto Biomedicals. But they would not lose their job because of this. The Osumoto family recognized every servant or maid in the manor even if they lost their CLOUD account and everything. The Osumotos would protect everyone that worked for them. It was worse for them, they who were actually in power with no one above them to lean back on. Arakira grinned bitterly as she let Ryuujinx do a bold spurt away from the pillars and across some now empty rows of seats towards the middle of the THUNDER arena.

"All of a sudden, it's the powerful ones who are powerless."

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