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Now while I'm not asking about the features that may enable you to connect around the world as that is covered, I'm instead asking about the representation of that within the games.

In Black and White there was the Unity Tower introduced, which had different levels representing the different countries that you can possibly trade with. This wasn't really used much and just seemed "there". Also within the the Unova games, you got to see people speaking other languages from other cultures, many of which were just hitch-hikers, while some were just hanging out in buildings in Castelia. Given that the games were announced to connect the games in more ways than ever before, and the fact that they're released EVERYWHERE in October, chances are that outside of features, connecting the world might be likely to happen in these games through characters, cultures and many other things.

Would you like to see the Unity Tower return? How do you think it could be enhanced, or more interesting than just what it was in Black and White? Would you like to see people speaking different languages make a return? Would you like to see cultures and locations influenced from other countries? How do you think this can be done? Do you think well-known characters within the games are likely to be from other countries? How would you feel if you got an enhanced version of the games featuring things relevant to your culture based on what country your 3DS is from? Are there any other ways that international things could come into play and really bring the world together in-game, without features to connect the games outside of the game in mind? Share your thoughts!

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