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    There are a whole litany of issues relating to The Walt Disney Company as a corporate entity but, in the interest of space and NOT boring people to death, I'll just talk about my fondness for the animated canon. (Although DisneyWar is a very good book to read about the corporate shenanigans of the Michael Eisner era; read it if you want to understand the Family Guy jokes about the man!)

    My favourite Disney features are the older ones: your Pinocchios, your Dumbos and the like. It's probably partly due to nostalgia but there is some great animation and storytelling in those oldies, and many moments in them (the dancing elephants, the whale etc) have stayed with me ever since childhood, so that's certainly saying something. The ones made after Walt's death were slightly more hit-and-miss, but I do have a nostalgic fondness for Robin Hood. I haven't watched it in at least 10 years, so it might just be nostalgia on that point, but I definitely loved it when I was about 9-years-old. As for the Renaissance of the '90s, I like but don't love most of them. The songs are, justifiably lauded, but I can't really remember what happens in a lot of them, which is a shame, certainly. And nowadays we're back to the hit-and-miss period of the 70s/80s: Wreck-it-Ralph was awesome, but I have no real affection for many of the others. Hopefully the influence of John Lasseter will help steer the ship right and make more WIRs and fewer Chicken Littles.
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