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Having Unity Tower stuck all alone on an island made it seem even more "there." :p

Seeing as I never used it very much, I wouldn't care for it to come back, however, I do enjoy it when the games incorporate the different languages and cultures into some of the NPC's and locations. They can be eggshells or small resemblances within the games, nothing blatantly in your face either.

There were some NPC's in Black and White that spoke different languages in the GameFreak building I believe. I didn't understand what some of them were saying, but I appreciated the use of different languages and recognizing that not everyone speaks the same around the world and that just like earth, the Pokémon world is filled with a variety of different people that are out there to meet.

Fantina in DPPt spoke pieces of French and said she came from "out of the country." I would like it if it turns out she happened to have come from this specific region and we'll learn more about it and her French origins. Of course, in the Japanese and French games the localizations will likely be changed.

But yes, that being said, I'd love it if a few of the important characters we meet come from outside this region and are influenced by another language and/or culture. It's always fun to see the games try and connect to the rest of the world and bring it together.
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