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Originally Posted by TheFreak123 View Post
Great, just send me a PM when you get them.

Just to confirm, these shinies aren't cloned or hacked in any way, are they? RNG'ed Pokemon is fine with me, but I just thought I'd make it clear that I don't want hacked, cloned, or Pokemon downloaded from Pokecheck, it just bothers me in a way I can't really explain. If the Numel is but the Minun isn't, I'd still be willing to do a 1 for 1 trade. If both were obtained using the methods I mentioned (again, RNG'ing is fine with me) then I don't really want them and I apologize in advance for wasting your time, and, yes, I should have made this clear in the beginning, I also apologize for that.

Let me know either way.
All my shinies are legit and are caught in the wild .. u can pokecheck them if u wan .. i assure u it's legit ..

EDIT : Im using the real cartridge so i cant hack or download pokemon from pokecheck.

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