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    Sorae Kakori Jenai

    Sorae would've watched intently, but the truth was that his foot was itching within a matter of three minutes. Three minutes. Had anything ever taken so long? Had he ever been so impatient?

    Well, yeah. All the time. But that was beyond the point.

    The headmaster's speech was dragging on in his head, although in truth it was quick and concise. ""Class 3C's homeroom teacher is Higoroshi-sensei, please be nice to him." Well, at least that was some usable info. "And with this my speech will end, just remember our most important rule. Don't show your Youkai appearance to other students!"

    Whatever. His Youkai appearance was the same, just with an eye on the forehead. He rubbed his forehead subconsciously. Then he stood up, remembering that it was a free day. Whatever. He yawned. Had he gotten sleep yesterday? Why was he tired? Hmmm... well, might as well go to the dorms. He stretched, and then walked to the dorms. Opening the door, he entered quietly, locating a designated room. Hey! Only one bed! Holy cow! He could summon Meow without anyone seeing, not only preserving a good, not wimpy appearance while keeping himself content. He fell on the bed, opening both eyes. No roommates... nice. Being alone is good for a person sometimes, I guess.

    He got up slowly, then opening a suitcase. Gripping the handle softly, he took out the blue hereditary coin bag, stuffing it into his pocket. Afterwards, he took out the few things he had packed, putting them away in small dressers. He found some swim trunks, perfect to go to the pool sometime later. Whatever. He grabbed the bag, leaned back, and yawned. Maybe he should go grab a can of... something. He got up, located a small mini-fridge nearby (why, how convenient!) and popped some kind of drink. He drank it thoroughly. Tastes like a Coke. He sighed. Did he really want some?

    He looked in the mirror and grinned.
    Hell yes.
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