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    Most of the times, its depending on the teacher, whether I like him/her.

    I don't really like any subjects, but seeing you guys consider PE as one, which my country only lists PE as an school activity, not a subject. I guess thats my favourite subject, after all, its the only "subject" that doesn't need any brainpower. I somehow enjoy math, but I am not really good at it.

    Meanwhile... I hate Chemistry to the core, can never understand Science but after taking Physics, I can relate to it (Chemistry), but NOT CHEMISTRY. I can never remember what I learn after a year of taking Chemistry, things were okay when they were about Ionic Bonding and the other bonding, but after they have questions something like what chemical reacts with what, what substance (eg sodium sulfate) reacts with what, what is the reaction? I can never relate to that, after all, WHAT IS CHEMISTRY?
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