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Originally Posted by P0kelegend View Post
I have to agree with the others who say the over world graphics are disappointing. The battle graphics look fantastic, though. However the over world graphics are too choppy, jagged and that frame rate is WAY to slow for my liking. But the trailer did say 'game footage not final' and I don't see why they would put that unless the graphics aren't going to be worked on, they even put that on the official X & Y website. They still have a lot of time left to work on the graphics so I assume and hope that they will work on and make the over world graphics even better.
It's pretty clear GameFreak are trying to stick to the original style of the games. They don't have to use the shading engines. They don't have to use outlining on the models. They've deliberately chosen to. And jagged graphics are just a side effect, and I don't imagine GameFreak sticking in anti-aliasing to correct it.

Worth noting - none of us have seen 3D versions of those graphics.
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