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    Willow was just about to reply to Gau, after eyeing Julian in her peripheral vision waiting to see if the boy had anything to add. When, however, the boy remained silent, Willow bit the bullet.

    Yet when she parted her lips to speak, she was interrupted by someone else, literally running into her life. The boy seemed to be about her age if not a little older, give or take a couple of years and he was panting. Like he had been moving fast for a while.

    Without even an introduction, the boy explained his sudden appearance, referring to her group of friends as the rest of Rowan’s chosen ones. Which, when thinking about it, was kinda true.

    As he explained about the pruple grimmer sludge which he had seen, she felt her heart sink lower, each syibal just adding to the dread which was now building up inside her. Well this day was just getting better and better, wasn’t it?

    “Oh and by the way...the name’s Raiso. Raiso... Ionis.” The boy finished as he walked past them, entering the Pokémon centre with a grin.

    “Willow Greenheart.” Willow said simply, her voice almost completely gone after the information overload she had received from both Gau and the new guy, Raiso. Shooting a concerned look towards her company, she tried to think about what to do. Until at last, she made up her mind.
    “we need to leave now then.” She said, with a confirmative nod. “no point in wasting time on getting supplies. I think I have enough to last us.” At that she turned on the spot again and walked back to the counter were after a few moments of spirited conversation with Nurse Joy, Willow returned. Jinxsey nestled in her arms one more, with a familiar wolfish grin settled on his small face.

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