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    Zoran Nishant

    There was nothing like being carried by a dragon to reorient your reality to things.

    To Zoran, the height was great, but not fearsome. She had little concern with heights, having never seen them as much more than a hindrance.Unless the ground was... burning perhaps, she had no reason to worry, not a one to whine about. She smiled at the ground. Edmund, meanwhile, shook in her arms. He was a rabbit. The highest he went was mountains, not the air! Zoran patted his fluffy head, smiling.

    “It’s gonna be cool Eddy,” she chirped. “Just wait and see. There’s going to be a lot of friends for you and mine to hang out with.”

    Edmund glared at her through his shaking. “First off, it’s Edmund, you twerp. Secondly, kid, you’re going to a place that hates humans, especially ones that catch Pokemon and battle with them. They hate Trainers. Shouldn’t you be worried?”

    Zoran frowned. “No.” She shrugged, snug in the embrace of the Charizard. “What’s the worst they can do? Release my Pokemon? I tried that years ago. They came back. Make me hate myself? Can’t make me do it any more than I already do.”

    “You could die kiddo,” Edmund persisted.

    She smiled. “Everyone does Eddy my pal.” Sparx’s Pokeball began to shake at its position and Zoran frowned. “Sparx, silly don’t do that! What if you fall?” The Pokeball froze for only a moment, then began shaking again. “Sparx, stop. What will Zari say?” At this, the movement ended. “That’s right. She would be very upset with both of us... mostly me. But that’s okay. Just be patient you silly kitty.” Zoran closed her eyes, relaxing into as comfortable a position as possible. “Why don’t you sleep for a bit Eddy? They don’t want to hurt you.” With that she closed her eyes and proceeded to block out the rush from Vlad’s wings and the dizzying height of the air. She really did have... nothing to be afraid of.

    After all, if things really got bad, there was someone who would destroy the world to save her.


    The New York sky was cloudy, dark with stormy rains and blurring streetlights. The rain fell through her soundlessly, not even acknowledging her ethereal form. She looked around this city, marveling at the vastness of it. Why had she settled here of all places, where there was nothing but noise and people? Then again, knowing her, it was probably why.

    She didn’t have much time, and she knew that. Who knew what had happened to Zora in all of this?
    If Alakazam showed up... she was in trouble. The bugger knew it too.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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