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The plot is all the same except for the post game. You have to complete the Sevii Islands stuff before you can go into Cerulean Cave to catch Mewtwo though. Also, after the Sevii Islands stuff, once you have gotten the Ruby and Sapphire (items in the game, not the actual games) you can trade with RSE, Colosseum, and Gale of Darkness. The Elite Four also gets stronger the second time you face them, like how they do in BW and B2W2.

Obviously the graphics and music are enhanced, and you can play as a female character. There are some moveset upgrades (like Charmander learning Metal Claw) which you can look at on Serebii's Pokedex.

If you're about to buy this game online though, make sure it's from a reputable buyer and if you're not sure, feel free to post a picture of the game you're going to purchase and we'd be happy to let you know if it's fake or not. The best way to buy older games, especially GBA games since they're often faked, is to go to a local game store. I know most people don't seem to have one, but it's a much better option than buying online. Actual stores make sure they're buying real games.

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