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Originally Posted by GenuineCorruption View Post
My friend (Pokemonmasteraaron on this site) and I are both blind. He's developed games in essentials in the past, however the map editor isn't accessible for him to use. We're looking for the specifications for the map file format. With this information, I plan on developing an alternate editor which will be both accessible and able to produce maps which will be compattible with Essentials.
Is anyone able to provide or link to information pertaining to the map file format? We need to learn both how the map files are structured, as well as which values represent which tiles etc.
It's not a feature of essentials, people need to stop assuming that basic RMXP files have anything to do with the starter kit. The information is hard coded into the file, so unless you know exactly how to open the coding of the file, you're pretty much stuck, as I have doubts there is anyone on here that's bothered to figure it out.

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