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    Phew, I'm fully done with my White challenge now. As I expected, the postgame was a bit more difficult and required some grinding for my team, but it wasn't impossible. Everyone was around Lv 67 after the postgame, and then I just used some Rare Candies on Aspiras to get him to Lv 70, where he learned Bug Buzz. That's why he's a bit higher levelled than the rest of the team.

    Nevertheless, I got up for a second round against the Elite Four, and then had a pretty tedious and challenging fight with Alder. Lots of Revives and Hyper Potions were used, but at least I beat him.

    Hall of Fame:


    Garibay the Beartic, Lv 67 (♂)
    Item: Soft Sand
    Strenght, Bulldoze, Brine, Icicle Crash

    Mugler the Amoonguss, Lv 68 (♂)
    Item: Miracle Seed
    Energy Ball, Spore, Toxic, Sludge Bomb

    Primadonna the Jellicent, Lv 68 (♀)
    Item: Spell Tag
    Scald, Shadow Ball, Surf, Psychic

    Aspiras the Volcarona, Lv 73 (♂)
    Item: Brightpowder
    Bug Buzz, Flamethrower, Quiver Dance, Will-O-Wisp
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