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    (OOC: No she did not. xP)


    She had surprised Krissu.

    How odd. She thought the confident people couldn't be surprised. Then again, no person could expect everything. She listened though, very intently. Something about Caterpie was bad for Falkner’s team. Well, that did make sense. Bugs were usually eaten by birds. Well that was no good. She would probably end up relying mostly on Sia... or any other Pokemon she happened to catch. Though... maybe she ought to evolve Kii. That would be a good idea too.

    “Thanks,” she said cheerfully, smiling now and looking fondly at her two Pokemon. There were probably more Pokemon to find and all of them were probably stronger than Kii or Sia. She would be fine... probably.

    Suddenly Krissu started running. There was a house? Up here? Wow... Strange though. Why was her new friend puzzled? Was there something important here? Maybe someone was home too. Ange went up to the door and knocked shyly without permission. The worst that could happen was nothing right? Just as the door creaked open, Kii burst from his Pokeball. The little Caterpie waddled away quickly and eagerly, making Ange frown. “Kii, where are you going?” Sia made a little squeak and tried to grab the bug, but the Caterpillar ignored it easily. “Eh? Wait!” Ange left the porch, chasing quickly after the worm, only for it to have eagerly climbed into one of the berry trees. “Kii, get down.”

    It let out a squeak of negative, crawling towards a hanging berry.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."