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    Episode 5: "Professor Willow's quiet wisdom! The journey begins!"

    The next morning, Brock and Wendy departed Brightstar Dreams for the lab across the south path leading out of town. "The thing to remember with Professor Willow is, if she's busy with her research or updating Pokedex entries..."

    "Updating entries?" Brock was interested. "You mean..."

    Wendy nodded. "While Prof. Oak is correctly attributed with the invention and the patenting of the Pokedex, it was Prof. Willow that wrote--and still writes--all the entries. However, she can get so involved in writing these, or a paper, or other research, that not even a train passing by can get her attention--a state I like to call 'zen mode'"

    "So how do you snap her out of zen mode if you need to talk to her?" Brock wondered as he followed Wendy up the hill to the lab's entrance.

    "Any loud and grating noise will do--I've found that crackers and party horns work very well." Wendy replied before knocking on the door.

    A sandy haired assistant opened the door and smiled. "Wendy, hello!" he cried. "Who's your friend?"

    "Oliver, this is Brock, of Kanto." Wendy began. "Brock, this is Oliver, Prof. Willow's head assistant."

    "Nice to meet you." Brock grinned as he shook Oliver's hand.

    Oliver, meanwhile, was admiring Emi. "Aw...Chanseys and Happinis don't often appear in Minami..." He then flagged down a dull brown haired assistant. "Is Willow still busy with those Unova entries?"

    "I'm afraid so..." the assistant sighed as she filed away some paperwork. "Good luck trying to snap her out of her work trance...I've tried banging on a trash can and that didn't work."

    "She's in zen mode again..." Wendy mused.

    "If you want to try and snap her out of it, be my guest." Oliver sighed as he opened the door leading into the professor's office. "To this day, I can't find something loud enough to snap her out of it...I've just learned to wait until she is finished."

    "Come on..." Brock motioned for Emi, Hinata, and Terra to follow Wendy inside the room, where a woman with slightly graying black hair was before a PC, editing a Pokedex entry.

    "Willow?" Wendy called, waving a hand in the woman's face. The woman said nothing, but continued writing in new information on the Pokemon Chespin.

    [Wow...look at all these books!] Emi gasped at the sheer number of books in the room.

    "I don't think any of those contain fairy tales, Emi." Brock replied as Emi climbed on a table to examine some books on a shelf.

    Terra, meanwhile, spotted a silver trombone lying against its case by the door. [Isn't that the same kind of trombone you used to play when you joined the Diamond Band?]

    Brock sighed--it had been a year since he had been forced to leave the band because of his duties at the Pokemon Center. "Even if I were to try and play, I don't know if it would sound very good or not--I'm out of practice..."

    Hinata rummaged through Brock's bag and dropped a trombone mouthpiece in his hands. [Only one way to find out if you sound good or not!]

    [Which one of those Taban etudes did you always start your practice sessions with, again?] Terra asked as Brock carefully set the mouthpiece inside the trombone.

    "Taban #4--'Peaceful Skies'". Brock replied. "One of the first etudes any trombonist will learn--made a great let's see If I still remember how to play it..."

    With that, he started playing the peaceful melody, but after the first few notes, the song quickly dissolved into squawks and blats instead of the tranquil song the etude was supposed to sound like.

    [Daddy wasn't kidding when he said it would sound terrible!] Emi covered her ears to block out Brock's horrible performance.

    [To be fair, he hasn't played in a year.] Hinata assured her as she and Wendy both covered their ears.

    Some giggles got Brock's attention as he heaved with exhaustion from his performance. "Not bad for having not played in a year." the woman smiled as she got up from the PC. "A few weeks of regular practice and it will sound as beautiful as it once did."

    "I'm sure it did sound beautiful at one point, Willow..." Wendy smiled as Brock quickly returned the trombone to its place by the door. "So anyway, this is Brock of Kanto, a fellow breeder." she began, gesturing to Brock.

    Prof. Willow smiled as she got up from the PC. "I remember Oak telling me about your skill with the Rock type..." she smiled as Brock made himself comfortable by a table. "Why don't you introduce your team to me?"

    "Okay...this is Hinata, who I caught in Celadon Fields while traveling to Celadon City for a Pokemon health fair." Brock began as Hinata hopped on another chair. "This is Terra, who was hatched and raised in Pewter City, my home Pokemon Center..."

    [Pleased to meet you.] Terra gave Willow a little bow as Brock petted her.

    "...and this is Emi, who I hatched myself while traveling in Shinou." Brock explained, gesturing to Emi perched on a bookshelf by the table.

    [Hi!] Emi smiled.

    "If I may ask, how did you receive a Happini egg?" Willow asked as she carefully coaxed Emi down to the table.

    "I got it as a prize in a Pokemon Contest." Brock explained. He wanted to tell Willow about how he had faced Dawn in the contest, but decided against it.

    "Fascinating...what did you have to do to win the egg?" Willow asked as she examined Emi.

    "The Contest was divided up into three parts--first, you dressed up your Pokemon to look nice using a box filled with random costume pieces and props..." Brock began.

    [Don't remind me about the grass skirt....] Hinata shuddered at the memory of being paraded around the ring as a hula girl.

    "Then, each Pokemon had to dance with their masters..." Brock continued.

    [That was fun!] Hinata smiled. [We performed to the song "Tanoshi to Jazz"]

    Brock hummed a little of the tune for a moment before continuing "Then, your Pokemon made five appeals to the three judges--then your scores are added up, and the pair with the most points, won. In the end, a friend edged me to win the ribbon, but the egg was the prize for second place."

    [You have to admit Dawn and Piplup were having fun with "Personality"] Hinata giggled.

    "I've danced to that one too--it was initially my first choice, but Dawn got it first." Brock smiled.

    [Oh-wo-over and over, I try to prove my love to you...] Emi sang as she teetered around the table, trying to mimic the dance Brock had done to the song in the past.

    Everyone laughed. "I'm sure you've had many more adventures...but what brings you here to Minami?" Willow wondered as she organized some paperwork.

    "I've always wanted to take a walking tour of a region I've never been, meet new people, and learn some of that region's legends and lore." Brock mused. "So here I am."

    "Well, the most prominent legend you'll find around here is the legend of Meloetta and Giratina." Willow began. "Essentially, Giratina threatened to tear the world apart, but Meloetta sealed him deep beneath Minami with eight holy spellsongs, one for each of the region's badges."

    "Mom and Dad told him that one last night." Wendy interjected.

    "And I dutifully copied down the bones to it, like any good storyteller should." Brock added.

    Willow smiled. "If you want to see one of the places where the jewels holding spellsongs supposedly lie, Honoru City, to the south, has the Tower of Runes standing nearby. Although, you may not want to go inside--Meloetta was said to have left many traps to deter those unworthy of singing magic."

    "But if you do make it to the top, Meloetta will grant you one of the spellsongs, right?" Wendy smiled.

    "That's what the story says, but no one has ever ventured inside and returned to my knowledge." Willow replied. "Those few that have either turned up dead inside the tower, or never returned and are presumed dead."

    "I guess I know where I'm beginning my walking tour of Minami, then..." Brock smiled.

    Willow handed him a business card with her contact information on it. "If you're wanting to learn more about an area, or need a suggestion on where to travel next, here's my contact information."

    "Say..." Wendy mused. "You don't suppose I could serve as Brock's tour guide for his adventure, do you?"

    "Sure--and besides..." Brock then intoned "It's dangerous to go alone."

    Everyone laughed at this. "Yes--it's better to have someone go with you when you travel." Willow giggled as she wiped a tear of laughter from her eye.

    That night...

    "My little safe on your travels." Mrs. Gorman smiled as she hugged Wendy one last time.

    "If you do take the PokeTheater Challenge, I look forward to your grand debut." Mr. Gorman agreed as he too hugged Wendy.

    [Wait!] squeaked a familiar voice.

    "Huh?" Wendy gasped when she saw Raku and another Eevee dash up to her feet.

    [If you're going on an adventure, Satomi and me wanna come too!] Raku pleaded.

    [Please?] the other Eevee begged.

    "What do you think, Mom?" Wendy looked to Mrs. Gorman for advice--neither she nor Brock counted on any of the young Pokemon wanting to come.

    "Raku and Satomi are weaned--so I'm sure they'll be okay." Mrs. Gorman assured Wendy.

    "Besides, you have Mizuchi, and they like her." Mr. Gorman agreed.

    Wendy grinned at the two Eevees. "Okay, you guys can come on this adventure with us."

    [YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!] Raku and Satomi cheered.

    "If you need anything, just call us or Prof. Willow." Mr. Gorman began as he watched Satomi climb into a pocket of Wendy's messenger bag.

    Brock smiled as he gathered his gear. "Did we forget anything?"

    "I have my stuff and my fiddle for campfire jams." Wendy replied as she shooed Raku from a pocket of her fiddle case."

    After making sure his own gear and guitar were accounted for, Brock told Professor Willow "By the way...I promise I will get 'Peaceful Skies' back up to speed and play it for you before I return to Kanto."

    "Take your time--you have a while to practice." Professor Willow replied. She and the Gormans waved goodbye as Brock, Wendy, and the Pokemon disappeared down the road into the sunset....
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