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    Ugh, Mike Huckabee was saying similar things the day of the event. I also like how Rick Perry threw in a few in a few jabs at TV and movies. Why should we restrict the first amendment for the sake of second amendment fundamentalism?

    Originally Posted by outfox View Post
    We can't rely on a higher power to solve our obsession with violence, all we are sure to have is ourselves.
    As Benjamin Franklin said, "lighthouses are more useful than churches." You can pray all you want, it's not going to get the ships safely to the harbors.

    Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
    Praying to Jesus/other deity won't make you bulletproof. Just ask the Native Americans, before we shot them all.
    Ouch. Technically, around 90% died from disease and famine alone though (I remember this because I read it in a history book and did a double take. That number sounds waaaaay too high).
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