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    Went out to Desert Resort and fought the trainers and turned circles for a while. Caught some pokedex fodder and a really nice Modest Sigilyph and a really nice Adamant Trapinch, and filled in that habitat list. Then went back into town and picked the team for Elesa's gym and took them into the stadiums, for the extra bit of experience. Then on to the amusement park.

    It was sort of odd to go through both gyms. I guess GF didn't want to waste the old one just because there's a new one? And how did Clyde get between the two of them faster than I did? Or are there actually two Clydes? Or, I guess eight... umm... nine?

    Anyway, the team at that point was pretty much Trapinch and the others who didn't do much. I used Sandile a bit, just because, but between Bulldoze and Rock Slide, Trapinch really didn't need the help.

    Elesa's new gym is really pretty cool. I liked it. Not a lot of challenge, but it was okay. Trapinch handled pretty much everything, with a bit of an assist from Sandile. Then it was on to.... okay, let's go out onto Route 16 for a bit.

    Spent a LONG time on Route 16 and in Lostlorn Forest, and I'm still not done. I haven't even gone the rest of the way out Route 16. I just fought the first couple of trainers and went into the forest, and have been working on that habitat list since.

    I was curious to see what else was there and was thrilled when a Roselia popped up - one of my all-time favorites. Caught a nice one - Bashful, IIRC, with Natural Cure (that's the important part). Caught a female Combee who's since evolved into a Vespiquen. Other evolutions along the way - my Golbat, from the Zubat I caught in the Sewers, evolved into a Crobat and my Swadloon, from the Sewaddle all the way back at the beginning, evolved into a Leavanny. I really don't get why people complain about happiness evolutions. Caught a really nice Serious Heracross too. Adamant would've been better, but standing toe-to-toe with a Heracross and doing all that wearing it down far enough to catch it without fainting it business is risky, so I'll settle for that. At this point, all I really need to catch is a Panpour. I don't have a Roserade or a Whirlipede, but I'll get those out of the Roselia and Venipede I already have, and I don't have an Emolga, but I'm not in a big hurry for that, since all I'm looking for is a female, so I can breed Air Slash onto a baby for the one I might actually use in the game. Once I get the Panpour, that habitat list is a gimme, then it'll be back out to Route 16 to settle in for what might be a fairly long plod to catch exactly the Gothita I want - near perfect special attack, good speed, nothing notably bad and Modest. And to see what else is on the Route 16 list.

    Oh, and... after running past him a dozen or so times, I finally stopped and helped Hugh out with the Plasma grunts. Heracross showed them a thing or two and sent them on their way.