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Unfortunately, there's four more episodes left in this season, to answer your question. Keep Calm & Flutter On is this weekend's episode, and is episode 10 of this season. If I recall correctly a Season 4 is coming soon? I have a gut feeling it's a rumor, but who knows!

I got a bit of pony merch myself! I wish I owned as much pony as quil, but unfortunately college comes first! :( Oh well, owning at least one piece of Pony merch is always good! Especially when you can take around. :D

Pictures incoming!

Three of my pony figurines. Two of them were from McDonalds when my sister bought her happy meals. She's not an MLP fan (and won't be unfortunately), so she was like "You like ponies? Here." and just throws them at me. xD However, I'm lucky to have Rarity though!

The third one is an older generation pony figurine. I'm pretty sure it's Cheerilee but who knows. lmao

Bought this at Walmart for $1. It's half-full because my little niece and I spent each quiet moment coloring it with her 64-color crayon box. xD There's a black paint spot on Twilight. ...that was my niece. xD

I even got a calendar too. I had one for 2012 and one for 2013. 2013's calendar is 20% cooler. :)

Along with the calendar, I bought myself a lanyard to hold my keys. :3 Only one brony at my school noticed it yesterday. xD

I also have a Pinkie Pie T-shirt, but that has a ton of holes for wearing it too much. xD I still have it...I just don't wear it anymore. :P

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