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    Originally Posted by thizzman View Post
    Thx so much!
    However i dont get the "expand the number of ingame pokemon" Do you know any gd tutorials on how to change ingame data?
    I don't know how to personally, but several hackers have.

    Here is what Chaos Rush did in his 649 patch:
    *Re-point Pokémon names table
    *Re-point Base stats table
    *Re-point front sprites table
    *Re-point back sprites table
    *Re-point normal palettes table
    *Re-point shiny palettes table
    *Re-point TM-compatibility table
    *Re-point evolution table
    *Re-point moveset table
    *Re-point Icon table
    *Re-point Icon Palette table
    *Re-point battle positioning tables
    *Re-point footprint table
    I believe this is the thread he used to do it. I haven't read the whole thing but it looks promising:

    It looks like it is just a bunch of re-pointing.

    However, I just thought of something. XD didn't feature all of the Pokemon, so if you're going to make it exactly like XD, just replace some of the pokemon that won't appear, then reorder the pokedex and put the shadow pokemon either right next to the normal one, or all clumped together at the end. There is a tool in PGE for doing that.

    Just a note that this discusion has left the topic of scripting and that if you need any more info, it would be best to take it to the simple questions thread just so that noone gets annoyed.

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