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    Marcus - Attempt at Catching a Pikachu

    Pissed off Pikachu, comin' at ya in 3D! There may have only been one Pikachu left (and it had no problem roasting Marcus by his lonesome), but trying to catch it got yet another Pikachu's attention! Pikachu #2 ran in, breaking his buddy out of the cage and providing some backup. It even sent out a distress call! Shouldn't be much longer at all before even more come along and go on an offensive.


    Miles - Attempt at Catching a Zigzagoon

    Zigzagoon was feisty in battle, but it knows when it's been beaten. Struggling for a few more moments, it gave in. That said, he'll keep trying to get on top of things in any way possible. Just have a squirt bottle or something ready, Miles.

    Level 6
    - Tackle
    - Growl
    - Tail Whip
    - Simple Beam
    Ju Ju - Attempt at Catching a Vanillite

    The Pokéball flew! It hit! It fell! It rolled! It... froze? Whoa. Vanillite shattered the ball and escaped after a couple of rolls. It wasn't going to be bested yet, especially not from the power of its own attacks. CURSE YOU, RANDOM NUMBER GOD!


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