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    Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
    With the general disparity in skill levels, it would not go well.

    There's like, noob, respectable, a seemingly gigantic abyss, and then the hackers that actually know their stuff.

    Not only that, the fact that ROM hacking in general requires you to be good at a whole bunch of disparate things, someone could be godlike with ASM but their maps look like a toddler put them together. Most new hackers are, frankly, bad at everything and need practice. Including the people who just downloaded Advance Map and XSE would ruin it for sure.

    Cutting to the chase, if a community hack happened, the quality would be so horrendously terrible that it wouldn't even be worth looking at.
    Well, having a large community working on a project, if someone messes something up, or their share is not up to standard, another member who shares the skills in the same aspect can help boost the quality.

    Teamwork, bro.