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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    The chaos reaches the consciousness, from what Xoxaa can tell, of all of the Famiglia members present. Including Marcus, the imperial overseer of Swords, diverting his attention to the chaos only to get caught up in a dispute with his brothers. Having taken in the surrounding feedback from distressed guards and civilians, Xoxaa quickly comes to a realization. Given the commotion, she would have to act fast, and hopefully go unnoticed until she procures what she needs. Cloaking herself in the fleeing crowds, she breaks off from the mob, and lands her body against a wall, removing her long, high heeled boots and tossing them under her right arm, taking off in a sprint unhindered by her shoes down the halls of the mansion.

    "I hope I have enough time to do this..." ponders the woman, turning corners and running up stairs before finding the doorway to her room.

    Breaking in to her quarters, Xoxaa drops her bag down by the door along with her heels and swiftly strips down, throwing the borrowed ball attire atop her bed. She visits her small restroom briefly, tossing water in her face briefly to remove the frivolous cosmetics and dries off the moisture before bolting out of the room to explore her drawers of clothes. Knowing what actions she might be involved with, she wastes no time dressing herself in more comfortable attire: a smaller pink skirt with a black t-shirt top with white hiking boots, dress far more fitting for handling whatever turmoil she suspects awaits everyone with the invasion occurring outside all over the island. In only a minute's time from entering her room, the young woman exchanged her attire more applicable for the perceived scenario unfolding outside and removed the unnecessary cosmetics applied to her face prior to the ball... sort of. In fact, her face is cleansed of most make-up particles, minus a few smears and smudges here and there, but Xoxaa didn't care. She can't, even though her somewhat goofy appearance afterwards is somewhat embarrassing, because whatever's happening outside is sure to be of greater importance than her looks. Besides, a shoddy make-up job hasn't ever made her look bad before, and men still hit on her no matter what she looks like at the time, granted such attention was never something Xoxaa really took pride from, but she still appreciated the fact that she's a good looking young woman.

    No sooner than she entered, she leaves, scooping up her bag at the door and slinging it over her left shoulder before heading down the hallways and corridors at even greater speed now that she's wearing proper footwear. In no time, her route brings her back to where she started, only to realize, to her misfortune, that Marcus still resides in the vicinity. Not only that, but he's yelling commands to those around him, including, inconveniently, her own sector, the Swords.

    "Swords, on me! We're making a push at Moreno's forces to give the civilians a chance to escape!"

    "Well, maybe this situation can earn me a better impression... I hope," calculates the analytical woman, slowing her speed to stop, falling behind whatever forces Marcus manages to call forth.

    Falling under social pressure before she even manages to resume interaction with her sector head, her gaze drifts once again towards the ground, hoping to remain unnoticed once more long enough so that they can fulfill their duties as defenders of the island, the only thing Xoxaa might actually be good at in a social setting. Still, the thought of Marcus addressing her only causes dread to circulate around wildly inside of her hyperactive mind. Her face follows this motion, fixated towards the ground with a slight frown on her face while the rest of her body hugged her sides tightly, expressing her tense emotions visually.
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