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Welcome Zxrio! :3 Great to meet you!

So going by your recent posts, I assume you're into hacking? A lot of us are - in fact, it's a pretty big reason why PC got as big as it did! Our hackers are really talented and inspired me to try and make my own game at one point, but sadly that never went anywhere. xD; Hopefully you have fun playing all the ones we have here, but remember to keep the Emulation section rules in mind when posting, yeah? The section is pretty huge... so the staff have to work pretty hard to keep it all organized. You can always ask giradialkia and/or DrFuji for help with that section if you're confused about anything there, too. With how confusing things can get over there for a new member, I'm sure you'll need some help at some point!

Did you make your signature, by the way? I really like it! If you did, you should totally open up an art shop in Art & Design sometime. I'm sure your graphics will be really wanted! I have my own art gallery up there so I can vouch that it's an awesome place. You'll get a lot of feedback on your work, too. But if you're not an artist... disregard me. I got kind of talky since I really love seeing more artists pop in here. ^^

Anyway, that's all from this member, so have a great time here and hope you meet plenty of other people! See you around and you can always message me if you want to chat~
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