Thread: [Hack of the Year] Nomination Round Results - 2012
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I would tend to disagree here, quality of a hack is not subjective. Just as quality of a well made car, shelf, ect. You can see cracks, you can see holes, flaws can be seen. You can not say, "I meant for those flaws to be there". Quality can be measured, and not by popularity but with the comparison of other quality hacks, or even the other games.
If 1000 people like "something" that has no quality, does that popularity somehow give that "thing" quality?

If you want to discuss the quality of a hack, the poster should show positive examples, good graphics, good story, ect. But to say something is good based on how many people like it is preposterous. All that sais is that there are a lot of people whom, have no taste, and don't know/understand/comprehend quality.
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