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    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    I am actually thinking that they will improve the textures later on in the year, 'cause I remember how Castelia City looked like when they first revealed the screenshots for Pokémon Black and White.

    So I do assume there will be many things becoming more smoothed out.

    And while I've been looking at the games, I've noticed how they're not using any texture blending things which the 3DS is capable of doing. So the textures still look pixelated, but I do assume they might end up using the texture blending capability later in the year though. Which would give the textures better detail in the game itself.
    The 3DS is capable of much more than the X and Y demo showed. Maybe it's just because the world is so big in Pokemon, and routes / towns can be quite large. Also, there is a larger rendering area because of the perspective. 3DS game carts are also limited to 8GB, which is a good amount for a portable game, but Pokemon B2/W2 was half a GB and DS games are usually much smaller than 3DS Games.

    Also RE: Castelia City, all they did was change the colours. The textures in the final version were just as low-res. I don't think the graphics of Pokemon X and Y will benefit from that kind of tiny change.
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