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    Originally Posted by captnotatroll View Post
    How do I give the player the sevii island maps?
    I tested it through some warp changes just after the beginning of the game and he already has it. At least the first three islands, but I'm guessing it'll work the same for the rest.

    Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
    Yeah, I sent him an email, im hoping hell reply soon. Thanks though.
    Would anyone also happen to know how to transfer old Amap creations from one ROM save to another? Cause I have some older maps that I want to put into my hack without having to go through the trouble of completely recreating them.
    Make sure the two places have the exact same tiles. Then, File->Map->Save map as. Then open up the new game and select Open map... instead. Make sure to insert the map after you open it.

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